A week of teaching

This time of the year is when you really have to spring to action stations in the garden. We are approaching the vernal equinox when the day length and night length are equal so it means that conditions are good for seed germination. So borders need to be cleared, seeds need to be sown, autumn sown seedlings need to be planted out, roses need to be pruned, dahlias need to be potted up and don't even go there re the weeds! Because it is exactly the time to get going in the cutting garden it's a good time to run a cutting garden course and so on Weds I had the pleasure of the company of 12 lovely people who all love flowers and want to grow them either purely for the love of it, to have them at home or to grow them to sell.  It is always so nice to meet people who share the same love of flowers and gardens and so we can all  share our ideas and experiences.  I'm getting very impatient for the garden to get going so it was really lovely to think about the garden's potential to produce!  As you can see from the photos it is still looking very bare, although the autumn sown hardy annuals are looking very strong.

Also this week I went down to Oxfordshire to My Garden School HQ.  My Garden School offers online courses - I run a scented garden course with them -  and went down to film another course on herbs which should be available in the next few weeks. I'm used to teaching face to face so it's a bit weird teaching into a camera but it does make the course accessible to a wide range of people so watch this space! It's a good time to sow your annual herb seeds and also perennial herbs too, although these may need a bit of bottom heat to get going.  It's really worth growing some herbs if you can - as you can see from the photo they are not just for the herb garden - they look lovely mixed in a border. Not long now before the borders look like this!!

cutting garden late spring early summer.JPG